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It’s raining on my parade

Melbourne weather is being obnoxious as always. I’m hoping it dies down a bit in time for the International Women’s Day fair tomorrow.

I really hope it all goes to plan as I’m looking forward to helping out with the stall and also looking meeting some of the faces behind the ‘pretty ugly’ zine. (I nearly wrote ‘the pretty ugly girls’ but that could be taken the wrong way)

If anyone’s interested there’s a number of events happening around the country tomorrow and this week which you can find out about at

Or if by chance you happen to be in Melbourne tomorrow or if you just want to find out about what’s on the program that info is here.

Should be a good day if the sun comes out. I’ll take an umbrella just in case.

2 thoughts on “It’s raining on my parade

  1. So Brianna!!! I’ve finally read a piece of ur writing! hmmm… can we say! competition competition? lol 😛 😛 😛 davey

  2. Hey Dave! Good to see you found me. Although I’m not quite sure what you’re implying. Like, are journalism students competitive or something…? 😉

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