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I received this email the other day, which is interesting timing as I’m planning to move onto a 10 acre bush block outside town and build my own house in the near future. So I’ve been looking at self-sustainable options, such as solar power and using recycled materials. But the links in this email give tips to being more green now! I’ve already switched to ActewAGL’s Green Choice, but there’s still so much I can do!

“I always thought i was quite a environmental conscience person but after watching Al Gore’s (who has been nominated for a Nobel Prize) inconvenient truth it is obvious i am not doing enough – everyone needs to watch this movie!!! ( we all need to be doing more to help our planet turn its self around.

Soooo here are some websites… I am going to change our house into green energy it is so easy and if everyone does it will help the environment heaps!!!! (and maybe even get our politician off their butts to realise this is a big problem)

I don’t know about other states but canberra’s normal energy provider just has a green option and it is simple to swap to it

europe and north america had a lights out protest five minutes of electrical down time for the planet: to all political leaders that global warming is an issue that needs to come first and foremost in political debate. (Australia is of course a bit behind and has had nothing like this yet)

It is pretty crazy times that the world has to go through such dramatic change of action and thinking to reserve the damage we have done… I just think its exciting we can make a difference by just thinking about what we are doing now and making simple changes

with lots of love to see the world better when i’m 50 🙂


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