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Rosa Loves

Rosa Loves is an inspirational grassroots “love project”, encouraging individuals to become involved in their communities in a tangible way. Rosa Loves does this by providing financial support to those in need by infiltrating the t-shirt industry with a new perspective of how clothing can serve a purpose other than outfitting. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a need. By using art and creativity, Rosa Loves hopes to foster hope and encouragement through the aid of apparel. Stories are told through stimulating graphics, and the written story is printed on the inside of the t-shirt directly in line with the heart, where the Rosa Loves movement stems from. Rosa Loves is less about charity and more about awareness, awareness that we are all a part of something greater and are therefore joined by common threads.

Through the creation and sale of t-shirts, a percentage is donated to good causes, to specific individuals with needs in the community. Even though there are many wonderful organisations that are doing meaningful and life-changing work, people can already donate through other avenues – and the cause of the donation seems a little far removed from our reality. Rosa Loves wants to shed light on the stories around us, to give them a real face, a real name.

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