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Scandal marketing tactics

Thanks Mark for filling us in on the Dolly “production error”. I find this sort of tactic, if it is indeed a marketing ploy, interesting as it provides insight into the way people choose their media. Perhaps this is why celebrity gossip magazines continue to be so popular. People love scandal.

We had a small influx in sales when I blogged on lip’s Myspace page about how school librarians thought lip was too risque for their students and would not subscribe. Yes, we publish articles on sexual health (written by medical practitioners). And yes, we have published articles about the world’s oldest profession, strippers, getting tattoos and body piercing. So, according to school libraries, the content in lip is not appropriate for teenage girls. But the girls love it.

Does this mean school libraries will now be cancelling their Dolly subscriptions?

One thought on “Scandal marketing tactics

  1. Hey,

    Just to be accurate about something important – our sexuality columns are not written by medical practitioners. They are (often) written by professional sexual health educators. Which is just as good, but definitely not the same thing…


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