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Monday 1 June 2015
Column Sexuality

back to ba(sex): learning about pleasure in sex ed would be a pleasure

Sarah Iuliano
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When I was 13, I had a very awkward conversation about the clitoris and masturbation with my mother. It was one of those parental chats where you’re inclined to scream ‘I know!’ at a certain point of their lecture so they’ll remove themselves from where they’re seated (usually beside you on your childhood bed) and…
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Monday 25 May 2015
Arts Featured Feminism Sexuality

becoming cliterate: a celebration of female sexuality

Clara Borg
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Earlier this month, Huffington Post released CLITERACY, an interactive webpage dedicated purely to educating readers on the clitoris. The project aims to raise awareness of society’s alarming tendency to erase and undermine the intricacies of female sexuality. More specifically, it constitutes an examination of the clitoris on both a personal and societal level by providing…
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Thursday 26 July 2012
Featured Opinion

an open letter to bettina arndt

Emma Koehn
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Dear Bettina, I’m not sure if I form part of your key demographic, but now and then Facebook links me to your typings on men and what they want from us in bed, so I’m operating by the logic that if Mark Zuckerberg’s programming thinks it’s relevant to me, it is. I have to say…
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Thursday 22 March 2012
Culture Featured

‘v’ who shall not be named

lip magazine
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Why is it that the imagery of the female genitalia causes such controversy? You often see stone statues depicting men in all their naked glory in a public space, so it got me thinking, what is it about the beautifully natural aspects of a woman’s body that people find so confronting? Even women themselves shy…
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