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Lip is a fully volunteer effort, and we run on a very small budget with high production values so, unfortunately, we are unable to offer payment for online publication.

Online Submissions

Want to submit to the Lip website? Well, you’re in luck! We’re always looking for new contributors!

At Lip, we try to have as much varied content available each day as possible, so the sky is the limit when it comes to topics you could cover. Remember that we’re a feminist mag, and we like to hear our writers’ opinions and voice come through in their work.

Please have a read of our website or print mag before submitting to get an idea of our style and the kind of pieces we go for.

If you’re not sure about an article idea, run it past us first!

All submissions should be sent to either the relevant sub-editor (check our Contact page) or else to our Editor Jo Mandarano at [email protected].

Please refer to our style guide (below) when writing your article/s and please accompany your submissions with a brief bio.


Happy submitting!

Print Submissions

We are not currently taking submissions for any print editions of Lip.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any queries.

Current Areas of Interest

  • Health: sex, sexuality, and articles pertaining to physical, mental and spiritual health of young women
  • Life: specific articles discussing an issue of living and life
  • News: what’s happening in Australia and the world, and its relevance to women’s lives
  • Politics: political and social issues, perspectives, and feminist voices
  • Environment: green living, environmental concerns
  • Money: interesting articles on the economy, finance, budgeting, etc (but must be relevant to young women)
  • Careers: issues and choices
  • Arts: book, music, art, theatre and film reviews and features
  • Craft: DIY, hobbies
  • Culture: cultural perspectives, issues and history
  • Food: reviews, recipes
  • Travel: interesting articles on international travel
  • Personalities: contemporary and historical women who’ve made a difference

artists’ guidelines

lip is dedicated to providing images of young women alternative to those already flooding the market. Photos and illustrations submitted to lip should reflect the diversity of real girls, in all shapes and sizes, so that all of our readers can see themselves reflected in the pages of lip. Please do not send us artwork of sexualised posing women. (For example, we like the female form – with all its curves and imperfections – but we don’t like g-strings, bikinis or push-up bras).

To submit your work to lip, please send low-res .jpg files to [email protected]. Upon acceptance, you will need to send print-quality files. Guidelines are as follows:

Images to be printed in lip magazine should be submitted in:

  • tiff, eps or high quality jpg format
  • at 300 dpi resolution at full size (the full page size of lip magazine is 200 x 250mm plus 5mm bleed)

These files can be huge. You can burn them to cd and post to us at:

lip Magazine
PO Box 579
South Morang
Vic 3752

or contact [email protected] for an alternative.

If you are not able to send acceptable scans, please send hard copies of your work to the above address and we will scan and then send your art back to you.