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Lip is an independent magazine that aims to provide intelligent, thoughtful content for our equally intelligent and thoughtful readers. You may not find crass sex advice and body-shaming fashion pages here, but you will discover wonderful new artists, musicians and literary talent, a fresh outlook on feminism, and enough sass to shock the fainthearted.

At Lip, we believe that women are not any one thing – we are diverse, varied, and full of surprises. There is no one magazine that will ever be able to satisfy the needs and desires of such a vast demographic, but at Lip, we aim to provide a wide range of views and opinions and, most importantly we aim to provoke thought – about feminism, films, food, the future and the present.

Lip provides an alternative to the hordes of superficial, uninspired magazines that currently dominate the market. We believe that women deserve more, and Lip is here to provide just that – more insight, more intelligence, more wit, more humour, and more quality content.

Whatever you do, whatever you see, whatever you read, at Lip we only ask one thing:  think about it.

Lip Magazine is released by Lip Media Inc, an incorporated association and not-for-profit organisation.

Lip Talks: feminism and misconceptions from Francis Hadid on Vimeo.

Lip Talks: feminism and marriage from Francis Hadid on Vimeo.

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