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Thursday 12 September 2013
Featured Feminism

feminism 101: ecofeminism

Sarah Fortuna
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Hey there, tired activist. Are you worn out by all the activism that needs doing? Even if you focus on the Tony Abbott niche, you’re probably busy reminding him that women aren’t accessories while also asking him whether he believes in climate change yet. That’s JUST.ONE.GUY. What if I told you there was a way…
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Thursday 22 August 2013
Featured Feminism Politics

feminism 101: the suffragettes and how women won the vote

Danielle Bagnato
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With the election looming, a lot of my friends have decided to cast a “donkey vote”. Some because they’re irritated with politics, others because they don’t understand or they just don’t care. At the turn of the Nineteenth Century, women were desperate for the vote. They wanted governmental representation and an active opinion on the…
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Thursday 15 August 2013
Culture Feminism

feminism 101: what in the world is a ‘riot grrrl’?

Danielle Bagnato

When I think of ’90s feminism, the things that come to mind are angry girls, Xena: Warrior Princess and Ellen Degeneres’ coming out. Third-wave feminism has a bit of a reputation for punk music, opinionated zines and a major divide between men and women. Smack-bang in the middle of all this activism was an underground,…
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