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Tuesday 1 October 2013
News Opinion

‘it’s up to others to attach labels’: are we scared to call ourselves feminists?

Alexandra Van Schilt
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UK Prime Minister, David Cameron has recently been interviewed by British publication Red magazine about his children, his family life, and whether or not he considers himself to be a feminist. Cameron happily opened up about his role in family life, about being there at the birth of his four children, even admitting that it…
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Thursday 5 April 2012

the trouble with labels and subcultures

Kaylia Payne
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When I read this article I was rather incensed. In fact, I emailed it to myself using the google subject line ‘TERRIBLE article- write against for lip :)’ (and yes, I do actually leave myself smiley faces- professionalism at its finest). For those with no time to read it, the general gist is that the…
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Monday 13 February 2012
Featured Opinion

labels: a lesbian’s least favourite accessory

lip magazine
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Labels, labels, labels. What’s the deal with labels? I call myself a lesbian, but I’m not a ‘gold star’ lesbian (a gay woman who’s never slept with a man). Most people I know identify as gay, straight and sometimes bisexual, but I don’t meet many people who reject the idea of labels. Is it because…
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