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Saturday 2 July 2016
Opinion Politics

australia votes: most memorable 2016 federal election campaign gaffes

Eden Faithfull
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There is no space of time more intense for Australian party leaders than the weeks leading up to the day of the federal election. We know this, because there seems to be very little practical work going for the rest of the year. Though it seems that during this week of hand shaking and baby…
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Thursday 30 June 2016
Feminism Politics

in brief: vote 1 for women

Sarah Iuliano
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    Campaign 2016 closes up for Australia’s political hopefuls in just two days. Recent research based on Twitter users suggests young people and women are the group most undecided – or more aptly, weighing up their options – about how to exercise their democratic right. As the federal election’s vote grows nearer, sometimes a…
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