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Monday 16 December 2013
Culture Life Sexuality

queer perspectives : becoming an Ally

Alisa P.
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A few weeks ago I wrote in my article ‘My Inclusive and Supportive Workplace‘ of my anticipation and enthusiasm for attending Ally Network training at the university where I work. The Ally Network at my workplace consists of staff members, ‘Allies,’ that offer non-judgemental support for LBGTQI staff and students on issues such as discrimination,…
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Friday 22 November 2013
Culture Feminism Life Sexuality

queer perspectives: my inclusive and supportive workplace

Alisa P.

If you passed me in the corridor at work you wouldn’t assume I am a lesbian. I look neither butch nor femme. In my dress, make-up and hairstyle I appear to conform to traditional notions of a feminine appearance. Sometimes I wear badges featuring LGBTQI symbols or pin-up girls, subtly expressing my sexuality. Although I…
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