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Friday 20 September 2013
Art Arts

exhibition review: complete burning away (the ashes of kurt cobain)

Audrey K. Hulm
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  Complete Burning Away (The Ashes of Kurt Cobain) is an exhibition I recently had the privilege of spending a gruelling week installing at the La Trobe Visual Arts Centre, Bendigo. A punishing schedule of painting text from the floor, right over the arc of the ceiling until sometimes three or four am every day…
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Tuesday 13 August 2013
Culture Life

the (no) distance relationship: from a boat in Berlin (part 2)

Kahtia Lontis
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As I write this article I am lying next to a window overlooking the river Spree in Berlin. It is late evening, and the reflections of the city lights are dancing across the surface of the rippling black water, creating a rather magical atmosphere. It’s Wednesday night now, and we left Stockholm early on Monday morning, taking…
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