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Wednesday 23 April 2014
Featured Opinion

the pressures of instafame: a chat with asher britton

Adriana Barro

*Trigger alert: Discussion of eating disorders and self-harm* The idea of being an online celebrity has surely crossed the minds of many social media users during those lonely afternoons when a selfie with your dog only attracted one like – from your sister. Although it may seem glamorous to be followed by thousands upon thousands…
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Thursday 18 July 2013
Featured Opinion Sexuality

(sex)uality: the hair down there

Sara Berndt
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  A friend recently told me of her experience dating a guy who was a real gem. When things started getting intimate, he stated that she needed to “deal with” her pubic hair (and the fact that it existed) or they would not work out. She politely asked him to leave and never call again….
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Tuesday 11 September 2012
Featured Opinion

it’s the pits

Sonya Krzywoszyja
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The most recent strangest sensation I have felt lately is the wind wafting through the hairs on my legs. The second strangest would be getting my underarm hairs caught in tops and bras. I’m growing my body hair out in preparation for a wax. I generally shave, but I’m going overseas soon and I didn’t…
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Sunday 20 May 2012
Culture Featured

amanda palmer, hairy armpits, and twitter

Lou Heinrich

While some celebrities are paid for their tweets, others use their sphere of influence to create an open discussion about the world we live in. Amanda Palmer likes to shock people. Formerly of The Dresden Dolls, now a ukulele lover and solo artist in her own right, she seeks to ridicule cultural confines of beauty…
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