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Tuesday 17 December 2013
Culture Life Opinion

what are you really giving this christmas?

Heidi La Paglia

It’s nearly Christmas and living in the city I constantly see the hustle and bustle of people rushing to get organised for the festive season. It’s the busiest time of year for shopping and retail. As the 25th of December gets closer, the streets become more and more crowded. At the time of writing, it’s…
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Thursday 13 December 2012
Fashion Opinion

thoughts on fatshion blogging

Sonya Krzywoszyja
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A friend of mine recently wrote a post over on XOJane entitled ‘When Activism Gives Way to Advertising: How Fatshion Blogging Ate Itself’ (she didn’t pick the title, but the pun makes me lol childishly). In it, she describes feeling alienated from the fatshion blogging world and how it has also been saturated by the…
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