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Monday 31 August 2015
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really honest postcards from lyon: part four

April Smallwood
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Be sure to check Lip weekly for new instalments of Really Honest Postcards from Lyon, April Smallwood’s six part series on life as a young Australian expatriate in France. Dear Michelle, I’ve been cooking a lot of Filipino dishes lately – adobo and sinegang mostly; kare-kare oxtail stew is next, because it calls for peanut butter. Like a…
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Tuesday 11 November 2014
News Opinion

“catcalling victims should just carry a gun”: cnn segment causes outrage everywhere

Chloe King
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Last week, CNN aired what was meant to be a straightforward ten minute segment responding to a recently released anti catcalling video produced by Hollaback, which has now gone viral. With stand-up comedian Amanda Seales and ‘The MANual’ author Steven Santagati as guests, the network received much more discussion and attention than they had originally…
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