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Monday 31 October 2011
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feminist news round-up 31.10.11

Erin Stewart
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Each week, lip will offer you a round-up of news and events relating to women, feminism, and sexuality and link you to related articles. It will also offer a brief analysis on some stories. We welcome your feedback and encourage discussion. the british monarchy changes inheritance laws In a major step for the British royals,…
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Sunday 4 September 2011

interview: olivia dikambi, a young CEO

Erin Stewart
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Olivia Dikambi is an inspirational, entrepreneurial young woman. Aged just 24, she has already represented over 50 clients in the entertainment industry and has spent the last year running her own PR agency in New York. This interview with Olivia Dikambi covers what inspires her, how to succeed and lead in a competitive industry like…
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