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Thursday 30 October 2014
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bisexual tropes: so sexy it hurts

Caitlin Gordon-King
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After revealing that I’m bisexual, I’m often asked three questions: “Do you think it’s a phase?”; “But… who do you prefer?”; and, “Have you and/or will you have a threesome?” (To be fair, this question is usually served with a drink, spilled on my dress.) Regardless of whether they’re asked by drunk strangers or a…
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Wednesday 24 August 2011

pink for girls, blue for boys


Babies, babies, babies are everywhere. There are so many people around me having babies lately. They’re little and cute and completely underestimated by the majority of the adult population. With the knowledge that the first five years of a child’s life are the most influential, it seems crucial that everything that surrounds these early learning…
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