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Thursday 5 April 2012

the trouble with labels and subcultures

Kaylia Payne
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When I read this article I was rather incensed. In fact, I emailed it to myself using the google subject line ‘TERRIBLE article- write against for lip :)’ (and yes, I do actually leave myself smiley faces- professionalism at its finest). For those with no time to read it, the general gist is that the…
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Friday 15 April 2011
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album review: joan of arc, life like

Emma Schenk
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I must admit that Joan of Arc’s new album Life Like isn’t something I would usually listen to. Its guitar heavy riffs mixed with forced lyrics is hard to listen to at first for an Indie fanatic. But I’m certainly not against experimenting with new tastes and after a few songs, I could certainly appreciate…
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