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Thursday 1 August 2013
Culture Opinion

stone-cold stoicism: is there room for emotion in the workplace?

Sarah Iuliano
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So often in life I am a walking exhibition of a mini tornado behind reinforced concrete: listen closely and you may hear it rattle and rile me up. I refer to, in perhaps not the best metaphor, my aim to portray myself stoically and negate all evidence of emotion in my places of work.This isn’t…
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Wednesday 3 April 2013
Featured Opinion

is it okay: to cry?

Elizabeth Flux
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It’s all very simple. If someone is crying, then they are sad. Or really happy. Or relieved. Or in pain. Possibly they’re just really empathetic towards that other person who is crying. Maybe they just ate something spicy. Actually, take back what I originally said. Crying is confusing and I have no idea what is…
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