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Wednesday 9 March 2016
Column Health Opinion

kill pill: part five – born free

Madeleine Ryan
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My worst fear has come true. I’m free. Coming off the pill has cut this puppet’s strings. But instead of running around gaily, skipping and twirling, I’m lying on the ground, writhing in frustration, trying to figure out how to get up and walk. I’m faced with how uncoordinated I am, and how much I’ve…
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Monday 3 September 2012

on the rag, love?

Sonya Krzywoszyja

Women. What bitches, am I right? They moan, they nag, they’re shrill, they’re aggressive, they’re too emotional. We just can’t have them in high positions of power; they’ll let their rag decide who to go to war with because someone called them fat. Bloody women. You may think this is a parody and, it is,…
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