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Wednesday 11 March 2015
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album review: beat the champ, the mountain goats

Serrin Prior
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There was once a troubadour named John Darnielle. As a child, he found his heroes in the ring of professional wrestling. There, fearless warriors played their part in a system of justice as black and white as the screens of the televisions upon which they appeared. Years later, that childhood fire of passion still burned bright…
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Wednesday 13 April 2011
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album review: the mountain goats, all eternals deck

Rose Pullen
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My introduction to The Mountain Goats came about thanks to a friend of mine who quickly became obsessed with their folky, poetic goodness. A few listens and a concert attendance later, I was a convert. John Darnielle’s sweet, nasally voice had made me a fan. A Goater, if you will. So it’s rather serendipitous that…
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