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Thursday 14 November 2013
Culture Feminism News

joss whedon hates the word ‘feminist’

Emma Nobel
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Joss Whedon, noted creator of great television classics Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel and other fairly forgettable ones – 2009’s cancelled Dollhouse, has declared the word ‘feminist’ is in need of a makeover. In his speech at a benefit dinner for non-government organisation Equality Now, Whedon took the opportunity to make the argument that…
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Tuesday 12 November 2013
Arts Film

film review: thor: the dark world

Raphaelle Race
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‘Do you think’, my friend asked me in the cinema as Thor: The Dark World finished its opening scene and ran through the flickering comic book credits, ‘that Marvel films are all trying to emulate Whedon’s writing these days? Iron Man was before The Avengers, but it still had that…’ He paused, looking for the…
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Thursday 10 May 2012

bechdel taser: at least we aren’t the victims (conciliatory notes from the avengers)

Sarina Murray
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The Avengers was released on my 21st Birthday. Joss Whedon’s impact on my childhood and adolescence has been recorded everywhere, from the essays I submit to real-life university subjects, to the airwaves as I stumble for words at 6am, to this very column. It felt like no mere coinkydink that Wednesday of all days was…
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