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Thursday 22 August 2013
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voluntary euthanasia party launches election campaign

Claire Jansen

  This Federal election there is a new political party on the stage, the Voluntary Euthanasia Party, contesting seats in four States with the single purpose to put legalising voluntary euthanasia on the national agenda. In existence for just three months, the Party already has more than 2000 members, and will run senate candidates in…
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Sunday 4 March 2012
Culture Featured

Feminist News Round-up 04.03.12

Erin Stewart
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Even More Defence Force Sexism The Australian Defence Force has seemed to appear in this column more weeks than not. Yet another disappointing example of the sexism rife in the Defence Force was brought to light this week. In this case, the ABC has been given access to a private facebook group of over 1000 former and serving members…
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