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Wednesday 8 March 2017

interview: the future of mallrat

Samantha Armatys
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For those who aren’t familiar with Grace Shaw, aka Mallrat, the 18-year-old Brisbanite says her first EP sounds ‘like Lily Allen and All Day mixed together.’ With abundant wistful production and lyrics soaked in suburban drawl, her tracks are equivalent to a lazy QLD summer. Introversion, insecurities and the humdrum in-between moments become the focal…
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Tuesday 19 November 2013
Music Opinion

hard out here: the rights and wrongs of lily allen’s feminism

Bridget Conway

Last week, pop singer Lily Allen posted online a music video of her latest song ‘Hard Out Here.’ Within two days, video received over 2 million hits on YouTube and consequently, a whirlwind of articles, tweets and ‘WTF?’ exasperations have been voiced from fans and haters all over the globe.  The premise is that Allen…
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Thursday 14 November 2013
Feminism Music News

in brief: lily allen’s new song tells it like it is

Ruby Grant
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This week, Lily Allen released her latest song, Hard Out Here, and it’s really got everyone talking. Not only is it a scathing criticism of objectification and misogyny in popular culture, but it’s also a feminist pop anthem that totally blows Britney’s Work Bitch out of the water. In keeping with Allen’s signature lyrical candour,…
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