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Thursday 6 November 2014

women and madness: a speculative take on the life and death of sylvia plath

Yasmin Mobayad
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Plath is widely known as the deeply disturbed, articulate and psychotic poet. Attempted suicide, successful suicide, a stint in a sanitarium and a famous poet husband (Ted Hughes) whose sociopathic mind games contributed to Plath’s destructive daddy issues: these were enough to fuel her prolific poetic career. The fascinating thing about Plath’s life is that…
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Wednesday 27 April 2011
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On lovesickness

Rebecca Howden
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I have a bad feminist confession. Sometimes, I’m really quite jealous of the way women in Victorian literature were allowed to just completely fall apart when struck down by lovesickness, that most literary of afflictions. For those young, hopelessly romantic girls, who wore too much on their sleeves and fell in love too easily with…
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