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Tuesday 12 November 2013
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film review: thor: the dark world

Raphaelle Race
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‘Do you think’, my friend asked me in the cinema as Thor: The Dark World finished its opening scene and ran through the flickering comic book credits, ‘that Marvel films are all trying to emulate Whedon’s writing these days? Iron Man was before The Avengers, but it still had that…’ He paused, looking for the…
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Tuesday 21 September 2010
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Getting frocked at the movies

Sarah Mason
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I haven’t been to confession for fifteen years, and even then, it was an ‘I wonder what’s behind this curtain…’ accident. Oops! So, in light of my neglect for spiritual flagellation, here’s a big one: I like frothy movies. And I like them just because the clothes are nice. Whew, I said it. Far from…
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