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Monday 14 January 2013
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the style evolution of santa: from saintly to sexy

Isabelle Hellyer

With the holiday season only just behind us, the image of Santa Claus is likely still fresh in our memories. That’s right, the portly old man who saunters around in a red suit perfect for those artic temperatures. Santa and his iconic garb are now ingrained into our popular consciousness, seen in countless films, advertisements…
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Thursday 20 December 2012
Culture Featured

christmas theme week : the true history of santa claus

Grace Carroll
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Recently, my four-year-old niece asked ‘where does Santa come from?’ I instinctively answered, ‘from the North Pole’, and she seemed convinced. While I was relieved she had not asked the dreaded question – ‘is Santa real?’ – she had got me thinking about just how the legend of Santa developed. Surely the festive season was…
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