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Friday 1 July 2011

lessons learnt from women’s magazines

Sonya Krzywoszyja
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I was reading a magazine I don’t usually read a few weeks ago. I was on a plane and needed some light reading – I can never read my books on planes, I tend to get extremely nauseated. Apart from the usual pages of mostly-unattainable-fashion and “must have!” tips and titbits, there were articles on…
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Friday 25 February 2011
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amanda palmer is good enough

Emma Schenk
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With her recent release of “Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under”, Amanda Fucking Palmer admits to loving our country (just like Oprah Winfrey). Originally beginning her music fame with the Dresden Dolls and now a solo artist in her own right, I’ve always seen Amanda as a strong woman who has an open philosophy to life,…
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