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Tuesday 26 April 2016
Feminism Opinion Sexuality

no more excuses: building up lovelorn friends

Millie Sykes

  I recently spent one whole glorious night and one cruisy Saturday morning in bed with a guy I had met on that universal fuck den, the dance floor. We left the club at 4:00am with the crusty remains of my purple lipstick smeared across the both of our faces and made our way back…
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Wednesday 29 February 2012

lip lit: cynthia m bulik, the woman in the mirror

Jessica Barlow
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The Woman in the Mirror: How to stop confusing what you look like with who you are by Cynthia M Bulik is essential reading for any woman or young girl who isn’t satisfied with her appearance. If you feel the need to check out your reflection throughout the day, if you feel intimidated by other…
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