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Tuesday 18 February 2014

violence against women: australasia’s cultural problem

Ally Van Schilt

A study published in medical journal, The Lancet earlier last week has revealed that incidents of sexual violence against women, specifically involving perpetrators who are not partners, is more than double the global average in Australia and New Zealand. The numbers read that 16.4 per cent of women 15 years or older in Australia and…
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Thursday 25 July 2013

in brief: australian defence force sets up new office to help victims of abuse report incidents confidentially

Alexandra Van Schilt
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The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has set up a new office to assist the victims of abuse confidentially, which has been labelled a “fundamental change” to the manner in which it handles sexual misconduct. This means that there is now a new body through which incidences can be reported outside of the chain of command…
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Tuesday 24 April 2012
Culture Featured

five reasons why domestic and sexual violence is men’s business

lip magazine

The last ten years have seen a 261% increase in domestic and sexual violence in Australia. In 2009, the total cost to the Australian economy was $13.6 billion. More often than not, domestic and sexual violence sits under the ‘women’s issues’ umbrella, but men have a huge role to play in turning these statistics around….
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