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Friday 19 July 2013
Culture Life Opinion

men are always men, but girls are sexy

Rianh Silvertree

A recent Facebook post by a male friend-of-friend read: ‘girls dancing is sexy, girls walking is sexy and girls sitting is sexy.’ My reply, of course, was; ‘unless the act is intentionally sexy, it’s just walking, dancing and sitting,’ but I’m very much afraid that I was wrong. Unfortunately and, as we all know, his…
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Monday 14 January 2013
Arts Culture Fashion

the style evolution of santa: from saintly to sexy

Isabelle Hellyer

With the holiday season only just behind us, the image of Santa Claus is likely still fresh in our memories. That’s right, the portly old man who saunters around in a red suit perfect for those artic temperatures. Santa and his iconic garb are now ingrained into our popular consciousness, seen in countless films, advertisements…
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Friday 10 February 2012

demi lovato: formerly unbroken, now simply undressed

Lily Donoghue
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Whilst scrolling through Facebook the other morning, I came upon a semi naked photograph of Demi Lovato with the heading “Are you digging Demi Lovato’s sexy new look”? Intrigued, I opened the article only to discover that, oops, another teen starlet went nude for fame. It was then that I realised that not only were…
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