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Wednesday 27 November 2013
Arts Music

ep review: slow motion music, oliver tank

Marissa Paine
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Oliver Tank’s second EP, Slow Motion Music is dramatic from the first few notes of ‘Stay’. The track, featuring the ethereal vocals of Fawn Myers, employs the use of percussion, synth and reverb to create a sonic landscape full of open spaces. Right from the outset, it is clear that this EP will be a…
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Thursday 12 July 2012
Arts Books

literature and technology: the library of the future

Raelke Grimmer
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Library Pronunciation: /?l??br?ri, -bri/ noun (plural libraries) a building or room containing collections of books, periodicals, and sometimes films and recorded music for use or borrowing by the public or the members of an institution: a university library (Source) Unless I’m mistaken, the above definition would suggest that a library is a room filled with…
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