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Wednesday 25 November 2015
Life Sexuality

tinder: old-timey courting ideals needn’t be a part of the app

Arabella Close
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Dating app, Tinder, has recently made adjustments to its profiles and algorithms, to create more ‘meaningful connections’ and lead to a ‘significant increase’ in matches. The profiles will now feature information around the user’s education and employment, while the new algorithm is meant to look at more data points as the user swipes left or…
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Tuesday 29 April 2014
Featured Life Opinion

have a little tinder-ness: the pros and cons of a mobile dating app

Sarah Iuliano

Just as Dr Frankenstein aimed to create the perfect man, my friends led me to dating app Tinder to have fun and/or find a decent one.  And thus, we were all confronted with monsters. There is much to say about Tinder: it’s quick, it’s anonymous, it can be fun, but it also has a bit…
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