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Sunday 5 August 2012
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healthy bytes: giving up meat

Ruby Mahoney

It seems everyone’s going vegetarian or vegan these days – your best friend, your mother, your mother’s chickens… (Don’t ask.) I used to think that vegetarians/vegans were all animal lovers, but lately I’ve learned it can also be a dietary choice. It can even make your eggs taste better, if you happen to be a…
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Sunday 2 October 2011

take the world veg week challenge!

Dunja Kay
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Like feminists and religious folk, vegetarians tend to get an unfairly bad reputation (those extremists ruining it for the rest of us, yet again). Tell someone you’re a vegetarian and they immediately start qualifying why they’re not, with each excuse just as tired as the last. Although I’ve been a vegetarian (to various degrees and…
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