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Monday 17 February 2014
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working mums denied flexible employment arrangements

Danielle Scoins
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Findings submitted to the Australian Human Rights Commission demonstrate that pregnant women and new parents are still being discriminated against in the Australian workplace. In June 2013, the Attorney General’s Department asked the Commission to conduct a national review on the ‘prevalence, nature and consequences of discrimination in relation to pregnancy at work and return…
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Wednesday 6 November 2013
Featured Health Life

mental illness in the workplace: why i won’t tell my employer i have bipolar disorder


Whenever I start a new job and fill in paperwork that asks whether I have any medical conditions, I always pause for a moment. I don’t have epilepsy, I’m not deathly allergic to anything, nor do I have diabetes. But I do have bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed seven years ago after a manic episode…
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Monday 4 November 2013

wedding band ban: why women don’t want to appear married at work

Danielle Scoins

The interview had been taking its predicted turns. What were my strongest attributes? What did I think needed a bit more work? Where did I see myself professionally in five years? I gave all the expected answers:  ‘I really want to learn and take this opportunity to grow within the company… I genuinely feel this…
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Thursday 1 August 2013
Culture Opinion

stone-cold stoicism: is there room for emotion in the workplace?

Sarah Iuliano
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So often in life I am a walking exhibition of a mini tornado behind reinforced concrete: listen closely and you may hear it rattle and rile me up. I refer to, in perhaps not the best metaphor, my aim to portray myself stoically and negate all evidence of emotion in my places of work.This isn’t…
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Wednesday 13 March 2013
Featured Get Involved

insecure work: the new attack on working women

lip magazine
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It’s a truth universally known by all women that we aren’t trying to “have it all” when we have children and work. We’re trying to have children and live with the dignity and respect we get from being able to pay all our bills. Another universal truth known to all us women is the feeling…
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Wednesday 27 July 2011
Featured Opinion

when maternity leave isn’t enough

Erin Stewart
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Recent reforms and policy decisions related to maternity leave may be to the delight of women throughout Australia, but new research shows that such policies do not overcome the serious wage toll suffered by women who decide to take time off work in order to be the primary carer of a child. Paid parental leave…
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