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Wednesday 13 April 2016
Art Arts

review: speak uneasy and flood

Jacqui Malins
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In the front window of Smith’s Alternative, a person is being eaten – or coughed out – by typewriters of varied vintage.  I recognise the face of artist Nicci Haynes, eyes closed, contorted into expressions of fear or outrage. She spits binary code as she is rolled into existence by these machines. Uneasy indeed, these…
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Thursday 21 March 2013
Arts Books

Literature & Technology: Justice for Writers

Raelke Grimmer
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I’m not a stranger to the blank expression I get from people when I tell them I studied creative writing at university, and then tell them I’m a writer. ‘You’re a writer,’ they say slowly. ‘So…you want to end up teaching English? What do you do?’ No. I don’t want to teach English. If I…
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Thursday 6 September 2012

interview: kat muscat, voiceworks editor

Ruby Mahoney
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It’s less than two weeks until our One Night Stand with Voiceworks! This week we interviewed Editor Kat Muscat about young writers, indie publishing and what Voiceworks is looking for. Voiceworks in two words? Here 2 Stay (see what I did there?). Why should we read Voiceworks – what makes it so awesome? All of the…
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Monday 2 July 2012
Featured Opinion

whatever happened to feminism?

Bridget Conway

I am currently studying Honours in English literature and most of my peers in both the English department, and the department of Arts and Social Sciences itself, are women. This has been the case throughout my University career. Seminar rooms and lecture theatres are littered with bright young women who are interested in reading, writing…
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