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five female rappers you should be paying attention to



Put the words female and rapper together, and more often than not, minds will turn to either Azealia Banks or Nicki Minaj. But the oft-overlooked fact is that there are female rappers everywhere, flying the flag for ladies in hip hop without the antics of their mainstream counterparts. From party hip hop to socially conscious rap, check out Lip’s list of strong and talented female MCs, who can spit fire just as well as any of the boys.

Angel Haze

Angel Haze has been on the radar of hip hop fans everywhere for a couple of years now. With bravado, intelligence and awareness of her important position as a female MC, Angel Haze has cut through the underground to become a sought after MC. She reps New York as fiercely as Jay Z and has a discography behind her that showcases an impressive lyrical prowess. Featured on a 2012 mixtape, a cover of Eminem’s Cleaning Out My Closet saw the rapper give an unflinchingly honest account of the abuse she experienced as a child. The track received critical acclaim, with some critics touting it as superior to the original.  Her New York EP gave birth to celebrated tracks such as New York and Werking Girls, so the hotly anticipated debut album Dirty Gold is definitely deserving of the hype it’s been receiving.

Lee Mazin

A fast flow and infectious beats are what Lee Mazin brings to hip hop. She has the confidence of Nicki Minaj, while also possessing an authenticity that distinguishes her from the pink-haired chart-topper. In hip hop, you can’t turn your head for male rappers bragging about how great they are, so it’s refreshing to hear this from a female. Mazin clearly has an ear for hip hop trends, exudes confidence and is quickly becoming known for her ability to freestyle. Lee Mazin is one to watch if you like your hip hop fresh and fast.

Nitty Scott MC

Nitty Scott MC is a refreshing voice in hip hop. Dealing in progressive, grassroots music, the Michigan native is the founder of The Boombox Family, a group of creatives striving to make ‘organic and message-driven hip hop’. 2012 saw the release of The Boombox Diaries, Vol 1 EP, a record in which Nitty proclaimed  herself as a ‘sixteen bar assassin’. She doesn’t shy away from the important role female rappers play, instead using her music to highlight it. This year’s release, Flower Child, features a guest spot by Kendrick Lamer, so it’s safe to say people are noticing this lady. With brilliant wordplay and a fierce flow, Nitty Scott isn’t going to sit down until everyone has heard what she has to say.


Joining the cherished group of rappers to hail from Brooklyn is 26-year-old Siya. 2011’s mixtape Elevator Dreams showcased a lyrical fire to keep her peers on their toes, while 2012’s D.Y.K.E was a platform for Siya to rap about coming out, a traumatic childhood and feeling like a misfit. Aiming to dispel misconceptions about female MCs and armed with an inspiring honesty, Siya is celebrated in underground hip hop circles.

Kilo Kish

Kilo Kish is a 23-year-old from Florida with a laid-back, breezy flow. Noticeably absent from Kilo’s music is the profanity, ego and sleaze usually associated with hip hop. She is the antithesis of her mainstream peers. On the 2012 single, Navy and throughout her 2013 EP K+, Kilo explores sex and relationships, but does it in a way that is so refreshingly normal. Hip hop has closely fallen in step with EDM over the past few years, so the music Kilo makes is unique in its approach – slow, chilled out and down tempo. Check her out if you’re looking for something a little different

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One thought on “five female rappers you should be paying attention to

  1. Got to mention Invincible, too. She’s been quiet the past few years, but her 2010 song Ropes was a confronting, passionate examination of suicide (the Youtube clip was very controversial when released). She’s white, female, queer, Jewish, politicised and has battled mental illness – all massive disadvantages in rap, but she has an amazing flow, clever lyrics, and pure beats.

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