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Daily Feminist News: 05.09.13.


Image Via Wikimedia

Image Via Wikimedia Commons

It turns out that controversial feminist activist group, FEMEN, was founded by man.

In, Ukraine Is Not a Brothel: The Femen Story, a film currently screening at the Venice Film Festival, the true founder of feminist activist group, FEMEN, has been revealed. As it turns out, it’s a guy. This new information has prompted further criticism of FEMEN’s trademark tactics of protesting topless or naked, especially after the founder, Victor Svyatski was revealed to have ‘hand-picked the prettiest girls, because the prettiest girls sell more papers.’ Is this a bit like finding out that the founder of PETA is actually a meat-eating, fur-wearing lumberjack? Awks.

Women dominate Queensland Literary Awards.

Women’s literary achievements have historically been pushed under the rug, however this year’s Queensland Literary Awards were definitely not a sausage fest, with women writers winning ten of the eleven awards. Some of the award winners include Melissa Lucashenko for her humorous novel, Mullumbimby, Heat and Light by Ellen van Neerven and Boy, Lost by Kristina Olsson. On hearing that her novel had won the fiction book award, Melissa Lucashenko exclaimed that ‘you could’ve knocked me over with a tampon!’ Best.

Study finds that hormone pills help stave off breast cancer.

A new study has found that women who continue taking hormones after surgery treating breast cancer are up to three times more likely to stave off the disease. According to the research by Trinity College in Dublin, rates of breast cancer recurrence are lowest in women who continue prescription hormone treatments, in comparison to those who give up on drugs.

Fashion website, ASOS is bizarrely letting you marry your favourite outfit and I don’t know why.

Did you ever have that sarcastic/super-literal bestie when you were a kid who, when you would say ‘OMG I TOTES LUV my new pink velvet track-suit!!’ would reply ‘well why don’t you just MARRY it THEN!?’ ? Well, now you can! ASOS is hosting “weddings” tonight at an actual chapel in Sydney, where you can go and pledge to honour, love and obey that awesome maroon and black dress with a peter-pan collar… Creepily worn by a model in a morph suit. I don’t even.

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