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feminist news round-up 07.07.13

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British women on the money

UK activists have launched themselves on the Bank of England to protest the planned removal of philanthropist and prison reformer Elizabeth Fry from the £5 note to make way for Winston Churchill’s face. This move would mean no women (bar the Queen) would appear on any British currency. The new Governor of the Bank of England has reportedly written to British MPs, agreeing that the move wouldn’t give women the recognition they deserve. Other faces on British notes are Charles Darwin (£10), philosopher Adam Smith (£20), and steam engine manufacturers Michael Boulton and James Watt (£50). Word has it that Jane Austen will be the next lady to take up position on the £10 note.

Pussy riot appeal goes forward

Lawyers for the two Pussy Riot members jailed in August last year have confirmed the women will appeal their convictions. Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina were handed down two year prison terms after being found guilty of organising a protest in a church. After unsuccessful bail applications, the next stage of appeal is to Russia’s Supreme Court.

Some celebs are feminists and some aren’t: the question keeps getting asked

Women’s mags and weekend lift outs adore the feminist Q, and the week posted a couple of interesting answers. Ellen Page isn’t a fan of the patriarchy and loves feminist ways, whereas Susan Sarandon isn’t, and thinks feminism is a bit old school. Is it odd that Sarandon spoke about the movement being outdated and not applying to women of her daughter’s age, while Page (a women of Sarandon’s daughter’s age), seems to think it’s more important than ever? Up for discussion, but one thing’s for sure­–the F word question is still a favourite of the press.

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Covered on Lip this week:

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