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in brief: tasmania passes same-sex adoption bill



The Tasmanian Upper House has passed a bill that will allow same-sex couples the ability to legally adopt children. These changes to the Relationships Act aim to ‘remove unfair discrimination against gay parents,’ giving same-sex couples the right to be eligible to adopt children in Tasmania.

The bill passed the house of assembly in April, prompting questions as to why this move was supported by members who did not previously support the gay marriage bill that failed to pass the lower house in 2012.

While numerous studies have proven that the gender of parents is irrelevant to the wellbeing of children, as long as they provide them with the support and nurturance that children need, these changes are still opposed by the Christian Lobby who have argued along that same old ‘but think of the children!’ line.

As the last state to decriminalise homosexuality, Tasmania has a fairly poor history in terms of GLBTI rights; however, as gay and lesbian rights group spokesperson, Rodney Coome stated: ‘today is a proud day for Tasmania, for we have removed the very last vestige of discrimination against same-sex couples in existing state law.’

Following the news that the US Supreme Court has ruled that the Defence of Marriage Act (against gay marriage) was unconstitutional, the passing of this bill allowing same-sex couples to become adoptive parents in Tasmania brings us hope for progressive change in the future, in a state not usually known for progress.


By Ruby Grant


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