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in brief: todd akin has dessert with women of missouri

US Senator Todd Akin, who last month enlightened US citizens with his definitions of illegitimate rape, has been trying to recapture the affection of female voters in the state of Missouri.

Akin has remained in the race for Missouri Senator despite the global fall out from his assertion that women raped ‘legitimately’ have a biological response that will prevent pregnancy. He hosted a coffee and dessert event for Chesterfield women this week.

The forum included a panel of women who discussed their experiences working with Akin, while this video of ladies ‘standing with’ the Senator’s post-rape comments was played throughout the night.

Akin’s comments garnered worldwide attention and condemnation,  yet the past few weeks have seen his polls restored, with well known Republicans jumping back on board to endorse his campaign.

One of these supporters is reportedly conservative activist and feminist opponent Phyllis Schlafly, who featured heavily at the Chesterfield rally.

Akin’s campaign path has included other crowded rallies across the state of Missouri, with the level of support from women voters surprising bloggers and commentators alike. The Democrats have been using his statements as evidence that Republicans plan to restrict womens’ rights.

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