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Monday 20 May 2013
Culture TV

[revision] small town evildoings: twin peaks vs. top of the lake

Zac Millner-Cretney
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A missing girl; an out of town detective; a small town creaking under the weight of massive, terrible secrets. There’s much common ground shared by Twin Peaks and Top of the Lake. Both shows are indisputably great; the popular jury is still out to some degree on the newly-minted Top of the Lake, but Twin…
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Wednesday 2 February 2011
Culture Music

album review: sleigh bells, treats

Christine Campbell
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I’ve been a fan of electronic noise-pop duo Sleigh Bells since long before that pesky USA Skins promotion. They became big last summer when I was working at an online record store in Brooklyn, thanks to a few key live performances and media spots, and suddenly I heard that infectious noise pop in every dive…
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