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Friday 15 February 2013

interview: eastern hollows

Christine Campbell
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Eastern Hollows is one of those bands that you’re just waiting for to make it big. Their brand of shoegaze, indie and rock is totally refreshing and undeniably good music. Their kind of DIY, community-oriented attitude reflects a love for Brooklyn that can best be summed up as awesome. The band’s warmth shows through in…
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Thursday 30 September 2010
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album review: the upsidedown, the town with bad wiring

Christine Campbell
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When I started listening to the Upsidedown’s The Town with Bad Wiring for this piece, I immediately thought of shoegazing. I often think that bands who pursue shoegaze music today are ridiculed for trying too hard to be ironic. The other classic criticism is that the music all sounds the same. This is generally true…
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