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Sampler Column #2: Valentina Design

First up – congratulations to Jenny on winning the gorgeous Heyday crocheted earrings from our first Sampler comp.

This week we feature Valentina Design – original handmade necklaces and jewellery.

Her Asian, Tribal and Extravaganza designs are unique and make use of glass beads, gemstones, wood, shyntetics materials, silver beads and silk cords, tied with Chinese knots.

You can win this wooden beaded necklace by emailing and telling us what ties you up in knots.

Entries close midnight Wed 14 Feb.

3 thoughts on “Sampler Column #2: Valentina Design

  1. Just now when my sister ate half of the chocolates my friend sent me from Japan, even though she knew they were mine, then believes she did nothing wrong.

  2. What ties me up in knots is when my Maltese terrier, poodle and shitszu cross burps in my face (smelling of dog salami) and farts at the same time. That ties me up in knots with uncontrollable laughter.

  3. when I’m having coffee with a friend and someone I work with thinks that they can join us and then all they do is complain about work.

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