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the big gigs

Personal rights violated?

It’s been a long time since I went to a concert by a major international act. Over five years in fact, when Live! descended upon Canberra in October 2001. 9/11 was fresh in our minds and “I am Overcome” was the backdrop for many a news report of the disaster. Perhaps everyone was still in shock, or perhaps the residents of Canberra in 2001 were not considered much of a threat, because security was considerably light that night.

Sydney in January 2007 presents a much different picture, where not only were bags searched and open drink bottles confiscated and discarded before entry, but pat-downs were conducted on every single person who went through the gates at Tuesday’s Tenacious D gig. WTF? I was glad to have left my bag at the motel and therefore got into the “fast” line, but was stunned to be manhandled, prodded and groped like a drug smuggler at an international airport.

How long has this kind of violation been going on? Is it just Sydney or is this a national phenomenon? The “D” are no U2: do JB and KG know what we all had to go through to see them play live?

I’m still reeling…

2 thoughts on “the big gigs

  1. this has been going on for quite a while. At Taste of Chaos 2005 me and my friends had to deposit out bags and be patted down. However, we could only be patted down by the female security attendants. However at smaller gigs in more confined areas they dont bother. In my oppinion the smaller gigs pose more of a threat if someone had a concealed weapon! But i think it is overhyped at events, what harm is a bottle cap? the only reason it is done is so you have to buy new drinks everytime they get thirsty :S but the patting down has been going on for a while, but all my experiences we could ONLY ever be touched by the female guards.

  2. The first and only big day out (2004) I was covering it as a music journo. I put my only beer down on the fence to take a photo of muse, maybe 2/3 seconds someone must have spiked it. The guys beside me started groping me and pulling down their pants. Luckily I had a VIP ticket so they couldn’t follow me in there. Once inside I collapsed and then was out of it until the end of Metallica. You’ve got to be so careful.

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