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artist profile: amy blue

Amy Blue is a 26-year-old artist studying a Bachelor of Illustration at NMIT.

How would you best describe your style?

Sometimes rough, sometimes soft. I feel like I have two distinctive styles: one direct and one understated.

What mediums are used in your work?

I love my pacer pencil! I also use ink, pantones, charcoal, watercolour and programs like Photoshop and Illustrator.

Are there any recurring themes in your artwork (eg. emotions, ideals, methods)?

My work is often quite personal. I like to create a portrait of my life through my work – almost like a snapshot of a diary entry (but hopefully not as lame!)

If you could describe your work in five adjectives or less, what would they be?

Wacky, hidden, fun.

‘Queen Amazon’ – Amy Blue

Where did you grow up? How has this influenced you and your work?

I spent the majority of my childhood in small flats throughout London and my teens in a slow country beach town in NSW. My mother is also an artist so I was introduced to art from a very early age.

Do you think it’s important to be political in art – or is aesthetics enough?

Although political art is an avenue I haven’t really explored before, I think having a strong concept behind art – whether it be political, personal, or informative – is more important than the physical beauty in works. It’s sort of the same with people.

To what extent does your art overlap with personal experience?

Most of my art is informed by personal experience. I really like drawing people who I admire in this world like friends, popular culture figures and people I love.

‘Untitled’ – Amy Blue

Three things you couldn’t live without:

Moleskine sketchbook

iPod section of my iPhone

Good friends/coffee

Three things you could live without:


Dates (both kinds)

Tony Abbott

Who have been your major influences (personal or artistic)?

For my latest project, Loren, Queen of the Amazon, I have been deeply inspired by my close friend Loren O’Keefe. On the 15th of July this year, Loren’s brother Daniel, 24, left his home in Highton VIC without his keys, wallet or passport and has not been seen since. I drew this portrait of Loren as a symbol of her courage and strength in this harrowing time. I really admire the lengths she has gone to in search of her missing brother.

‘Ruth’ – Amy Blue


You can find Amy’s work here…



By Elisabeth Morgan

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