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artist profile: vera ada

‘Self Portrait’ – Vera Ada

Véra Ada is a 22 year old linguistics graduate with a keen interest in photography and languages. Whilst the latter is the main focus of her career, she considers picture-making as her creative self. After picking up a point & shoot digital camera 5 years ago, she now works in multiple formats, including 35mm and 60mm film cameras, as well as disposable and instant cameras.

‘Cerulean’ – Vera Ada

She processes her work both on computer and in the dark-room, and is fascinated by people, public transport, and documenting every-day life. Multiple and long exposures are a big part of her work, as well as experimenting with light and chemical leaks, expired film, cross-processing, and other alternative processes.

Currently residing in Adelaide, she is very partial to books, records, spicy food, cinema and tortoises.

‘Semi-Conductor’ – Vera Ada

‘Triggering Back’ – Vera Ada

Vera on her latest exhibition:

Basically, the exhibition is a collaboration between me and fellow Adelaide artist Cameron Brideoake (he had a solo show at the Dragonfly Bar last month and is currently part of a group show at Urban Cow). Last October we both covered a wall in a multimedia collage of our works at the Fourwords warehouse (images of which will also be on show), and our show at the Reading Room is going to be a scaled down version of that. We will be exhibiting a combination of framed and unframed works of various sizes, attempting to cover one of the walls of the venue. This focus on showing a large amount of little things stems from our love for collecting and antique hunting, as well as documenting processes. We both like to photograph other people and each other, often whilst looking for antiques, so evidence of this will also be included in the show. So overall, we hope to show people our love for collecting and documenting processes. Cameron’s and my works are quite different, but we often collaborate on projects and find that our work mixes well together.

You can find the details for Vera’s exhibition on the facebook event page here.

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