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cathy raso: interview

Image courtesy of Cathy Raso

Image courtesy of Cathy Raso

Cathy Raso is an artist hailing from Melbourne who is launching her first solo exhibition, Reflections. Movement. Drama, on October 10th at the Gallery Voltaire. I spoke with Cathy about her career so far as an artist and about what inspires her work.

First could you tell me about your career so far? Have you always been an artist?

Apart from the art classes in Secondary school, I never thought of taking up a career in Art.  I started painting seriously in 1997 after painting the backdrops for the concerts at the local school my daughters were attending. A friend of mine asked me to see a little old lady  “Jean Moore”, who had set up her house as an artist studio for local hobby artist to set up their space for half a day.  I gave away or I donate all my pieces to the local church and school to help raise money.

What inspired you to become an artist and what keeps this passion alive?

I suffered a bout of depression in 2009 and needed a release. I attended the Archibald Exhibition in Melbourne and admired the artists’ work.  So one day I asked a friend of mine Jessica if I could do a portrait of her. I followed her dancing career and she inspired me to try.

At a time in my life where I was feeling lost, I searched for answers and came across a wonderful life coach Eryka Stanton from “Empowered Living”.  She asked me one question about my being an Artist, which at that time I didn’t see myself as one.  The questions she asked, I couldn’t answer.  What makes you think you’re not an artist, and what are you waiting for?   So, I through myself in the deep end.

What kind of work do you usually create? Why are you drawn to this medium?

Although I started off with watercolours and oils, I really love Soft Pastels the most. The way they blend and their vibrant colours are gorgeous. I use Mi – Teintes Tex boards and find the blending and the building of the soft pastel fascinating.

Tell me about your upcoming exhibition Reflections. Movement. Drama – what is this exhibition about?

I wanted to create a piece with reflection of light on glass, water and skin. The reflection is also shown in the movement of my subjects and the drama is in the colours, the backdrops.

What do you hope audiences walk away with after experiencing your artwork?

I would like to see that the audience walks away with joy, feeling of happiness, and knowing that someone feels as I do with every stroke and emotion I put into the piece.

What is the most challenging thing about being an artist?

Knowing when your work is finished or when to stop. Also, artists are their own worst critics.

What is your future plan for this exhibition of work/for your career as an artist?

To provide me with the enthusiasm, passion, and positive feedback to continue further.

Could you provide us with all the details of this upcoming exhibition and of any future exhibitions you have?

Yes, This, being my first Exhibition is a culmination of the past 5 years works, “Reflection, Movement, Drama” at Voltaire Gallery, 14 Raglan street, North Melbourne for one night only on the 10th October, 2015.  From 5:30 pm to 8pm.

Further exhibitions are still in the planning stage.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

The “Artist” is giving up his/her soul.  All art comes from within whether it is a blob on a canvas or a dancer dancing on stage, the Artist was thinking or feeling something at that very moment.  The energy and emotion that is coming from the artist is portrayed in every piece they create.

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