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emily edmonds: interview


Image courtesy of Ali Boydell

Image courtesy of Ali Boydell

Pinchgut Opera’s upcoming production Bajazet, set to take the stage at Angel Place in Sydney on July 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th, is the first ever performance of Vivaldi’s powerful Baroque opera in the Southern Hemisphere. Even though I’m still new to the opera scene, the idea of a dramatic showcase of the works of one of my most beloved composers is tantalising to say the least. Vivaldi has a prowess and a beauty attached to his work that is unlike any other I’ve ever come across. Needless to say, finding out about this upcoming performance has me incredibly excited.

But what could possibly make this production even more interesting? How about a young and accomplished performer at the forefront of the show who has a few solid years of Opera behind her belt, is fluent and semi-fluent in several languages, and has a huge passion and love for her work? Enter Emily Edmonds, a Sydney-born performer who has spent the past several years carving her way into the prestigious opera industry. Emily will sing the role of Asteria in the production of Bajazet. Asteria is Bajazet’s daughter who gets caught in between the love of two men, Tamerlano and Andronico. It’s bound to be a dramatic and tragic performance delivered by an up and coming Mezzo Soprano.

I got the chance to chat to Emily about the role and about her career as a performer in the theatre and opera world. She was a delight to chat to and definitely has a passion for her work. It’s rare to come across someone as passionate as Emily about is about her career, but in the arts industry this is also not a surprise. Often those who actually end up making a career for themselves in the industry have only gotten there after years of practice and hard work, two things that many people shy away from. Emily hasn’t shied away from these things, instead she’s faced them head on.

Emily first got into theatre around high school age and attended atyp: The Australian Theatre for Young People. She says she found her true calling in the theatre classes there, and admits that ‘most people in the arts are kind of a bit of an outsider until you find your people … and for me, I found my people in theatre.’ I agree that artistic and creative people are often on the outside looking in and never truly feel they have a purpose unless they are within the surroundings of the art that they love and enjoy. Emily has definitely found this, and she hopes her work will take her to ‘lots of exciting places.’ She also believes that ‘you just have to have the courage of your convictions and know what makes you tick and what inspires you and be led by that.’ Now there are some wise words to take away and do some good with.

After this short run of Bajazet, Emily will be moving to England for work and plans to go where her passion takes her from there. With an inspiring young woman at the helm and a slew of other professional performers and musicians in the mix, Bajazet is sure to be an awe-inspiring spectacle.

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