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fashfest designer profile: wnd.lnd


Photo: Zoe Brown

Photo: Zoe Brown

Name: Zoe Brown

Label: WND.LND

Web address and/or FB address:


How did you get into fashion and what do you love about it compared to other types of design?

I have loved fashion from a young age—dance costumes, making up my own routines and dressing my Barbie dolls up. Ever since I have always loved dressing up and wearing interesting clothing to reflect my own style. This has transformed into design and my appreciation for individual style and how garments can reflect you personality. I am interested in all aspects of design, although what you wear sums you up without anyone even asking about you. Fashion is pretty powerful.

Who is your target audience?

I love a girl who knows what she likes and who isn’t afraid of what people think. She is definitely a small niche and wants to dress differently to the norm. I think she would also eat candy for breakfast and ride unicorns to work. Anyone can make their imagination reality!

How would you describe your aesthetic, and what can people expect from your collection at FASHFEST 2014?

I always have a hard time describing WND.LND. It’s a mix of quirky and cute. Pastels, girly, youthful, fun and rebellious are words that come to mind. People can expect lots of the above, and should bring along their sweet tooth.

What’s your design philosophy?


Wear nice _____ ladies never

More and more, ideas of sustainability and ethics are explored by fashion designers, how is this reflected in your own label?

There is definitely a place in the fashion industry for sustainability and ethics. Luckily I learned all about this while studying my Bachelor of Design in fashion. WND.LND has chosen not to go down the sustainable road in terms of design, but ethics are a key factor in my practice. When possible fabric is always used to reduce wastage, and left overs are kept to be re-used.

What do you look for when casting models, how can a model help articulate a particular ‘feel’ or aesthetic?

I tend to look for muses who can bring the collection to life. Since WND.LND has a youthful aesthetic, I usually look for models who are like little dolls. I prefer models who have unique features—large eyebrows, small ears, big eyes, etc. DEFINITELY NO FAKE TAN.

Do you think the Australian fashion industry supports emerging designers?

The fashion industry likes to act like it does. In relation to any other country Australia is very behind. From personal experience I find it is very secretive and closed off. In saying that, Canberra is such a small city and I have found the capital to be a great place to start as a designer. It has been really supportive at a small scale.

How can your designs be purchased?

Do you have any advice for someone considering fashion design as a career path?        

Work hard, and do what you want. I was never an A+ student.

What night are you on at Fashfest?        

Wednesday 30 April. Come say hi.


Fashfest will be held at the Canberra Airport, 30 April to 3 May, in a beautifully designed space, with a massive atrium, stunning architectural elements and a modern industrial look. Tickets are available exclusively from the Fashfest website, and are fast selling out so get a move on, have a great night and support local and home-grown fashion talent!


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